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Our Services at Tazs Tech Town

Electronic, Computer, Game Consoles, Phone & Tablet Repair in St. Marys, Georgia

Why Our Services?

Choose the Experts at Tazs Tech Town

Our Promise

- Free, no-obligation diagnostics

- Clear communication

- Our lowest price guaranteed

You won’t find such a professional team, with many years of experience in any kind of console, phone, or computer issue.

Video Game Console Repair

Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox Repair

If the console won't turn on or something fell on it or it is simply old, bring it to us and see if our technicians can revive it. From handhelds such as the Nintendo DS or Playstation Portable to current generation systems such as the PS5, we repair them all!

Computer and Laptop Repair and IT Services

If your laptop or desktop computer is in any need or repair, the experts at Tazs Tech Town can fix it! From a cracked macbook screen or a slow windows desktop, trust us to repair it for you.

Cloud Services, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Network Security, Help Desk Support, Computer Training & IT Consulting.

Flat Rate Repair Services


Pick-Up/Drop-off Services

Computer Optimization/Recommendations

Data Recovery and Backup

Virus, Malware, Adware, Spyware Removal/Scan

Warranty/RMA Repairs

Phone Repair

Reliable repair for the device you depend on most! We don’t believe that a shattered screen or broken battery should have to ruin your day. Smartphones connect us with the rest of the world and being without this lifeline can be a hassle. So regardless of the issue, if you are having trouble with your cell phone, then bring it to us and we will work hard to get you back to enjoying your device!

Tablet Repair

Tablets are everyone’s favorite gadget. We love having all the features of a full computer in a perfectly portable size. But breaks and cracks still happen and that’s where we come in.

We know everything about tablets and you can trust us with yours. So bring your iPad, Google, Amazon or any brand tablet for a free diagnostic.